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Rodrigo Alves

TV Appearances

Kicking off 2018, Rodrigo made his fourth appearance on ITV's This Morning with Phil and Holly and appeared on Fox TV's Kennedy and also DailyMailTV in New York. Since then, Rodrigo has appeared on shows in Miami, Brazil and Italy, most recently a guest appearance in the Italian Big brother house, followed by an appearance on "Domenica Live".

Rodrigo last year appeared on eight live TV shows in Europe - in the UK, in Italy, in Spain, in Turkey, in Romania and in Greece. In Italy he appeared on three editions of the prime time show "Domenica Live". In August he made a guest appearance on ITV's Loose Women chat show, and In February 2017 Rodrigo was interviewed for the third time on ITV's "This Morning". Another highlight was featuring in Robert Jensen's USA Roadtrip series in the Netherlands. He has recently starred in a new UK Channel 5 documentary "Mascara Boys - Sex Me Up". He was also in the first episode of the last series of "Celebrity Botched Up Bodies", also for Channel 5 and has just recently appeared in the latest series of E!'s Botched. He has also appeared in an episode of the latest series of Channel 4's "Posh Pawn".

Celebrity Botched Up Bodies

Mascara Boys

In January 2017, Rodrigo starred in two live shows for the Romanian TV Network KanalD, and over the past year Rodrigo has also filmed with the German TV Network RTL, Univision in LA, BBC World, Caracol and Telemundo in Colombia, Ruth Langsford for Channel 5 (aired November 2015), with Reggie Yates for the BBC, SBT Channel in Brazil, Channel 4 in Spain, and for E! Entertainment Television for a follow up to Botched! He also appeared on Brazilian and Colombian TV shows during the summer. This all followed filming for UK Channel 4's Bodyshockers series with Katie Piper, TLC Channel in the UK and the second series of E! Entertainment's Botched in the US. He has also recorded programmes for Polish TV, Greek TV and appeared on a number of other TV and Radio shows in Colombia. Links to any clips published online will be added to this page when they become available.

In addition to TV, Rodrigo has appeared as a main feature in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world, including GQ, Bild, In Touch, Reveal and a front page of the Sunday People. As well as his TV work, Rodrigo is also working on a book about his life story!

Big brother Moments

Mediaset (Italy) "Domenica Live - Big Brother Moments"

This Morning

Mediaset (Italy) "Domenica Live"

This Morning

Mediaset (Italy) "Big Brother"

This Morning

Record (Brazil) "Hora do Faro"

This Morning

RedeTV (Brazil) "SuperPop"

This Morning

SBT (Brazil) "The Noite"

This Morning

Telemundo (US) "Don Francisco Te Invita"

This Morning

Channel 1 (Russia) " Первый канал "

This Morning

ITV (UK) "This Morning"


Fox TV (US) "Kennedy"

DailyMailTV Part 1

DailyMailTV (US) Part 1


DailyMailTV (US) Part 2

Doenica Live

Mediaset (Italy) "Domenica Live"

Domenica Live

Mediaset (Italy) "Domenica Live"

Domenica Live

Mediaset (Italy) "Domenica Live"


Mediaset (Italy) "Domenica Live"

Domenica Live

Mediaset (Italy) "Domenica Live"

Loose Women

ITV (UK) "Loose Women"


Channel 4 (UK - Registration required) "Posh Pawn"


Kanal D (Romania) "Wow!"


Prosieben (Germany Only) "Red"


RTL5 (Netherlands) "Jensen USA"


BBC Radio 5Live (UK) "In Short"


Epsilon (Greece) "Annita GR"


Telecinco (Spain) "Sabado Deluxe"


Show TV (Turkey) "Zahide Yetiş'le"

This Morning

IITV (UK) "This Morning"


Univision 34 (US) "El Muneco Humano"


ITV (UK) "This Morning"


Channel 4 (UK) "Make Me a Famous Face"

Reggie Yates

BBC (UK) "Reggie Yates Extreme UK"

L'Oeil Du Web

LCI (France) L'Oeil du Web


Caracol "Dia a Dia"


Telemundo (International) "Al Rojo Vivo"


Cuatro Channel (Spain) "Un Tiempo Neuvo" following Rodrigo's daily routine at his home

SBT Channel

SBT Channel (Brazil) "OK Pessoal" talking about his unique fashion style

Rodrigo Doll

E! Enterntainment Television (UK Site) "Botched!"

E! News

Worldwide: E! Entertainment Television "E! News"


Worldwide: E! Entertainment Television "Deleted Scene"


Worldwide: E! Entertainment Television "Botched"


UK: Channel 4 "Bodyshockers" (Registration required)


UK: itv “This Morning”


Spain: 5Telecino “Hable con Ellas”


Ireland: tv3 “Ireland am”


UK: London Live

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4


Brazil: Record TV “Domingo Show”
From 34 min




US Only: Laura Ling's Society X from E! Entertainment Televison (not available in some other countries)


Greece: Alpha TV "Annita"

En La Caja

Spain: Mitele "En la Caja"

C5 News

UK: Channel 5 News Tonight

Blu Radio

Colombia: Blu Radio interview


Colombia: RCN "Muy Beunos Dias" (only available in some territories)


US: Telemundo "Al Rojo Vivo" (US Only)


Latin America: Caracol "Direct Witness"

TVN Trailer

Poland: TVN "Rozmowy W Toku" Trailer

TVN Full

Poland: TVN "Rozmowy W Toku" (Poland Only)

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