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Rodrigo Alves Showreel from Lee Cambell on Vimeo.




Rodrigo Alves became known worldwide for his courage in reinventing himself with the help of plastic surgery. This has given him the confidence to express himself with a unique fashion style, and has led him to be happy to enjoy life and a better lifestyle. He is now outgoing, charismatic, and a truly passionate ambassador for the subjects of body image, plastic surgery, fashion, body image bullying, and equality.

Rodrigo Alves has appeared on 150 TV shows to date, including reality and documentary shows in 21 countries. Rodrigo's good expressive interpersonal and language skills enable him to reach various countries and cultures very successfully, sharing his experiences with plastic surgery, educating people from his own experiences, and also sharing his great sense of fashion.

 Rodrigo loves an excuse to party, and dresses elegantly to attend events and parties. He can be often seen in Milan, Rome, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London and Puerto Banús hanging out with his group of friends always very chatty and charming. Rodrigo stands out not only for his unique but classic fashion style but also for his kind, warm and friendly personality which has won him fans all over the world.